What networking means? Let me assure you that this is one of the very important skills required during all stages of your life. For me, this fact sunk in a little late and slowly, causing me to lose some valuable time. Here we are only concerned with social and professional networking. Example.1 During my time… Continue reading A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO NETWORKING ( SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL)

Why job?|Set goal |How to identify your passion?

Why do people go for jobs? Do they like their jobs? How to find a job which is satisfying? Set goals(SMART GOALS ). How to plan to reach your goal? Identify your passion? Two ways. 1-Medical method. 2-Logical method. It is certain that you are in the knowledge of a lot of people in life… Continue reading Why job?|Set goal |How to identify your passion?

Types of Goals

Now all of us have understood that we are going someplace only if we have goals. Once the goals are in place, our efforts will bear fruits. Once goals are in place, we can start making efforts towards that direction. Just because you thought out that your goal is to be an astronaut, you cannot… Continue reading Types of Goals

Goal Setting for Non Adults

The earlier article was on goal setting for adults. Now let us see the same thing for children. When a child is asked, “what will you become when you grow up” you may have heard-“I will become a Locomotive driver Fire engine driver Fireman Astronaut Nurse etc.,.” among many items. You will most often find… Continue reading Goal Setting for Non Adults

Want to succeed ?

Welcome aboard You are either reaching for the top or already on the top. Here you can learn how to reach over to the top within a specific time frame . If you are already on the top, you can guide others to get to the top. All of us need to be on the… Continue reading Want to succeed ?

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