Plan Your Career, the Right Way with
The Career Coach

All have to plan their career to be successful. One has to choose his or her profession and spend time and effort in preparing for it. The essence is to find the direction to get there. Fortunately it is possible to design one’s career. It is a process as simple as answering a questionnaire and sending it by e-mail and  receiving the results and recommendations in response and an online counselling session. All this is based on the various kinds of intelligences possessed by the individual.  There are three kinds of individuals who need to plan and prepare for a great future. These are

 1) School students                                                                               2) College students /graduates and                                                   3) Job seekers/working professionals looking to switch to a         meaningful job of choice.


Most students do not choose their career at formative stages. They also do not develop the knowledge and skills needed to get into the top positions by achieving success. Ideally this process should commence right from the formative stages, beginning at the high school level. At school the student is generally choosing his/her electives influenced by parents, society, friends and peers, and not based on his or her ability, aptitude, capability, interest.

Agreed that the parents are guided by the current perceived trends of well-paying professions at their respective communities or their incomplete ambitions. Having chosen the electives, the student goes through the routine as per the school and the setting of his or her house. After high school, once again the dilemma begins,  what to do next? The well guided students prepare during their school days for the competitive exams leading to admissions in the colleges/universities of various streams or exams leading to certain careers.

The student who has chosen the electives scientifically (based on ability/capability/interest) normally has no difficulty in getting into the institutes of choice. As he or she is able to qualify and pass the exams leading to join them. Or else the parents  look for other means (influence/donations etc.) Now some students manage to do well in the chosen disciplines as they had some of the attributes required or they upgraded their skills and abilities.

The rest will still search for jobs or will take any job which comes by. Not necessarily of their liking and may not be well paying. The others who have not done any personal evaluation and proceeded without any direction may be even be unemployed for some time.

This initiative is based on the work of two great individuals-    Howard Gardner, an American Developmental Psychologist at the Harvard University and his work-The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 

 John L Holland, an American psychologist from the John Hopkin’s University. He is the creator of the Career Development Model or The Holland Codes.


For children around the ages of 13 to 16, expertise has been developed to profile the child based on his or her intelligences. Each type of intelligence is associated with certain  attributes and skills. The parent can be guided by the counsellor based on the profiling of the results of the test. This should be the basis of guiding the student on his journey of life. Also  this will ensure a better probability of achieving success.

What to do?

If you have a child aged 13 and above, he or she can take a test. A report will be prepared, based on the test and shared with you along with recommendations. You too can construct path for your child for success. The test can be taken at your home by your child on the computer and then mailed to us for preparing report and counselling. 


Some graduates know about the kind of jobs they are preparing themselves for. They can develop on the abilities and learn the skill  sets required. The others apply for various positions available to them via job portals and press advertisements. They are on the search mode. They take up a job because everyone is going for a job and under social pressure. He or she may be around 20 years old now. They may obtain a job. They may also do the job well as they have to get a good compensation/salary. They may work for the next 40 years. 98 % of employees the world over do not like their jobs but they tolerate it due to their salaries. All have to pay their bills. If this college student or graduate had undergone this test, based on the report, he or she would have found a range of jobs or professions which were more suited for their type of intelligences/personality traits.

What to do?

One can buy this test. Take the test at home. The report will be prepared and shared along with an online counselling. This procedure will give direction on the type of jobs to prefer and to avoid. Having got your recomendations, you can shortlist a range of job types as per your liking and cultivate the knowledge and skills required for the job. This will help you in applying for the job with confidence and enhancing the chances of getting selected for the position.


All have to plan their career to be successful. One has to choose his or her profession and spend time and  effort in preparing for it. The essence is to find the direction to get there. Fortunately it is possible to design one’s career and get2thetop. In this process one has to fill in a detailed multi-angled questionnaire and send it back by e-mail. Based on this, a detailed report will be prepared and shared along with an online counselling session. The result will be sent by e-mail  subsequently. 

As this test is based on the multiple intelligences possessed by you, each of these are responsible for some of the personaly traits and skills. The results finds these. Based on this information we can find out your suitablity for for a certain job/profession.


Buy the package ( test,reports along with career recomendations)  at a highly discounted price of Rs 2000.The test sheet will be sent you by e-mail within half a day.  Awail the inaugural offer which will be valid for a limited period.You will also get free music for concentration during this limited period.


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