Single most important factor to your way to the top

Your present position is due to a combo of various reasons. It is based on your past decisions and efforts. Also, you may factor in your family background and your childhood upbringing. But definitely your future depends on your wish. You can get to where you want to be from where you are.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well”

“The poorest of all men is the one without a dream..”

“It takes as much energy to wish as it takes to plan.”

“The indispensable first step in getting the things you want in life is to decide what you want.”

Just to have a dreams does not amount to having constructed your goals. The goal is a goal only if it is well defined.

For convenience let us use an acronym- SMART .  Your goal has to be SMART.




R- Relevant/Realistic

T-Time bound

I have searched all over for recipes for success. I have heard and read from a lot of gurus of success.

Everybody had unanimously decried that your journey to the top/success does not begin without your making of your SMART goal.

Most goals are numeric with a time stamp.

I will shed 20 kgs by March 2020

I will own a five bedroomed, 5000 sq ft home in Malibu California.

The goals should be milestoning- Getting the gold medal or becoming the Star salesman of the territory.

Do not be afraid to create lofty goals . If you  had small goals  you will regret for having set small goals and not bigger ones.”You will want to set a goal big enough that in the process of achieving it you become some one worth becoming.”

Let us summarize-

The goals have to be Specific-

I will become the Team Leader by 2021.

Your goals have to be measurable.

I will lose 25 kgs weight by May 2020.

The goals have to be attainable. You cannot aspire to win a Olympic medal if you are in your thirties and not have gained enough proficiency in your chosen discipline /sport. You cannot aspire to be the leading Cardiologist of your province if you are not a student of biology or life sciences.

Your goal has to be attainable and relevant. If you are not a Salesman, how can you aspire to be the Best Salesman of your company?

Your goal has to be time bound

I will lose 25 kgs weight by May 2020.

I will own my farm 5000 sq ft farmhouse in Malibu, California by 2025.

You will not attain your goals if you have not set you SMART goals.

A specimen of a good goal would be-

I will become the Vice President – Sales of my company by 2023 .

If no goal is set, no one is going anywhere.

Can you get to any place from your airport if you have not thought and planned out the destination..

So now we have realized that we must make SMART goals to take us to the TOP.

Everybody’s TOP is different and so are the skillsets. And efforts.

With SMART goals , everyone can move towards the TOP.

SMART goals have given us focus.

All are born skilless , hence all the concerned skill needed to take us the top can be acquired.

Want to succeed ?

Welcome aboard

You are either reaching for the top or already on the top. Here you can learn how to reach over to the top within a specific time frame . If you are already on the top, you can guide others to get to the top. All of us need to be on the top for various reasons.

I have been planning to put this in place for the past few months . I did considerable research concerning the steps involved. I have now managed to put it together . My aim is to compile the correct and precise steps to be taken to reach the top within your thought out time span.

You can post your thoughts , questions and any other inputs , we will help all to reach the top.

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