What is RESET? To reset means- adjust or fix in a new way. Once in a while, we have to reset our lives too. Let us learn it now.

By doing a reset of our life, we can feel the following and more.

# Open yourself to new light.

# You get exposed to new colors.

# Look forward to new things in life.

# Start a new project.

# Reward yourself

# Get energized

# Get focused

# Get more productive

# Get to the top faster and more certainly

Reset sets in a new vigor to ourselves. Our lives will seem to float in a sea of clarity and confidence.

Now we are going to do the steps to start the reset process. The best time to have done a reset in our life is a few years ago. The next best time is now. Let’s proceed. This begins with looking back at the years which went by.

 We have come past the previous year. This can also be treated as an audit of the previous year. Let us now review/audit the year which we have just allowed to pass. What have we learned from the previous year? We have allowed many years to go by depending on our ages. If done at the end of the year, it can be called as the end of the year audit.

When to do the reset

Whenever we are faced with a situation of accommodating a new task, we tend to put it off to next week, next month, next financial year or next birthday to accommodate it. We subconsciously wait for a landmark occasion to make the reset.  We can have 2021 as the reset year. The earlier, the better it is for us.

All of us had thought and planned to perform a list of certain tasks. The list may have been written or just thought out. Of the tasks on the list, some of them remain incomplete. Surprisingly some of them were not even attempted. Are we making any issues about it? Where will it lead us next year?

We may not know the consequences of not completing the tasks now but will realize it with the inconvenience caused only a little later when it starts applying pressure on us. It could be a pending debt to be paid with interest adding up or missed health checkups adding to our increasing healthcare bills as we would have ignored the preventive care.

We may have rejoiced on having completed certain tasks. How did we manage to complete these tasks? Were they easy? It may or may not have been easy. We had set the right goals and planned carefully for perfect execution.

Most of us keep moving this way, setting fewer goals and just reacting to the situations in life and not being proactive as per goals and planning with precise execution. This is playing small. We are not going to land up to any major achievements in our lives. We have to change the gears.

Let us move forward by reviewing the previous years. In the present age, most old thoughts and practices get obsolete at a very high speed. Every year, a new version of most items are rolled out. If we are the users, we have to learn and familiarize ourselves to proceed with it.

What if we do not do a reset

All of us had certain visions and goals formulated since our childhood, be it written or just thought out. Some goals just sprang up as we grew and proceeded in life to where we are now. As we are on a reset mode, we need to have to start writing now.

Do not worry. You are not alone in this. There are lots of people who ought to do this. Most people go on with their lives without doing this reset. This is akin to driving your vehicle without regular servicing. It is wrong to assume that we can get by to postpone the servicing until the appearance of trouble.

How to do the reset

The fact is that we save time in moving forward by avoiding loss of time and inconveniences caused due to sudden breakdowns at unexpected locations by making this reset and getting our vehicles serviced at regular intervals.

All our goals have to be written:

# Long- term goals

# Medium-term goals

# Short- term goals

# Yearly goals

# Monthly goals

All our goals in the respective categories may be pooled into the above types.

If we are having difficulty with our chosen goals. We can are free to choose our goals once again. Of course as life proceeds, we may come across a need to make such changes in directions and priorities. We will have to change courses and shift gears.

Understanding and continuing the reset process gets us more productive with our everyday lives.

Now we also have the keep in perspective, the current scenario.

Most products now come with an expiry date, after which they become harmful if used. Similarly, all activities/tasks have to be done by a certain time. If not done sooner or later, our schedule to successfully move forward will be hampered in many ways. If a certain application is not submitted by the last date of submission, we may get disqualified from appearing for a certain examination.

Fill in the calendar

Let’s let back to the list we were creating. We had wanted to fit that list into the calendar. Let that be the current year’s calendar. Let’s start.

Start the list by filling it with pending tasks of the previous year. Fill out activities of the current year to fulfill your goals of different categories. Now we have to merge the lists to the dates of the calendar.

On careful examination, we will find that there are bundles of simple and complicated tasks to be done to take our lives forward and also to get to the top. All these activities need careful planning and execution. If not carried out as per schedule, It throws us out of gear on our other activities too.

Assume that we have to pay our child’s tuition fee by a certain date. This should be ideally paid well before the last date when it is important and not urgent. We should not take it to the penultimate day when the same activity becomes important and urgent. We will be forced to replace some other job of the day to accommodate this activity. thereby accumulating a backlog of some other jobs. Such jobs should be planned out in advance and executed as per the plan . These cannot be changed or postponed.

While making our list we must take into consideration the available resources too for that particular task. If it is not provided, we have to ensure the creation of that resource by the target date. All the tasks are now against a date. Also, these are with the exact particulars of the task with the specific units like units of currency, weight among others.

These units are a carryover from the fact that the goals must be SMART.{ to know more about SMART goals-    https://www.get2thetop.com/why-jobset-goal-how-to-identify-your-passion/}   Now that we have understood SMART goals, our focus has got better, our resources are considered, the planning for the entire year is done.   

With this our planned calendar is complete.       

During this process, we should feel charged. After the process, we should be feeling lighter, brighter and happier as we have just strengthened our foundation and gotten closer to our goals. This process increases the possibility of completing the tasks as scheduled.

Insert list into the calendar

Ensure that the current date is the start of the calendar. This has to be the starting point of the entire exercise. Position the tasks accordingly, if not yet done.

Now we start the RESET life as per the freshly designed calender. Surely we are feeling that we are more in control of our life now. We just have to keep going as per the drawn-out schedule.

This designed calendar must be always visible to us must be ingrained in our brains. If possible this can be printed and placed in a very visible place. This is to constantly remind us of our direction.

Weekly review/planning

Now we have to continue forward as per the calendar. We must have a weekly review of our activities vs the designed calendar and course-correct if needed. This should be done every week. The weekend is the best time to reflect on this part of the reset.

Accountability partner

This gets us back in track. Also, it is better if we find ourselves an accountability partner. We should be able to confide our life plans and the calendar with somebody in our lives. Some people whom we value and will be able to guide us from time to time on various issues. As we have declared our plans to someone, we will be more prone to stick to the schedule as we will always be on someone’s radar. Wikipedia can be checked for more information on this.

Are we going to where we plan to go?  Going to the top. Why not? We will.

Leave your comments and other methods we can follow.

It is suggested that this life reset be done every year.

Which part of the year? The choice is left to the readers.

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