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Raju Vaithilingam

Agreed that youngsters should be able to pick their careers by choice and not by chance. Also, the goals and ambitions may lead to their careers. At the career picking age, one has to have the corresponding bits of intelligence. If there is a mismatch, there will be a loss of valuable time and loss of potential income due to the failed career. The will also be a fall in self-esteem.

We prevent this mismatch. The goal and ambition have to be in line with the career. I have observed these since I started my career. I watched a good cross-section of the world community that it doesn’t always match. We don’t want you to fall into a job for a job’s sake. You should not be studying the wrong subjects. We will be able to recommend the type of subjects you can study or a line of careers that are in line with your personality type. This is done by a well-designed psychometric test based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner and RIASEC codes of John Holland. Based on the results of this psychometric test, we recommend a range of possible career paths.

The effort involved is probably an hour of the time of the person seeking a good career. By considering the results and the recommendations, the chances of a failed career are very remote.

I put together this package after having seen it around for forty years. I want to help people not have delayed and failed careers. Everyone is entitled to have a fulfilling and satisfying career.

After working for over forty years, I have begun to help people by offering choices of meaningful careers based on their personalities. I will be glad to answer any of your queries on the Contact Us page,