Are the goals set? What happens if you do not?


Have you fixed your goals? If you have not yet done it, read the previous chapters and then fix your goals and proceed in life.

By fixing your goal, you can reach anywhere from wherever you are now. Some of you may argue that you are now at a place, satisfactory to you and you landed there without setting goals and working towards it. Be informed that you reached there by just drifting in the atmosphere like pollen drifting in the air from flower to flower to pollinate and help propagate plant life.

Think about it, you may have become a reasonably successful executive in a large corporation. You may not have aimed to join that corporation and grow to where you are right now. You may have never aimed for it years ago unless your sole priority/goal/aim was to find yourself a decent job to support your financial needs, Keeping in mind your education and past work experience. You joined the corporation, worked by their rules and policies, put in a lot of effort and hard work. By this, in due course, you rose up the ranks and grew up to where you are now. You had not fixed this as your goal. You got sucked in by nature to be part of someone else’s goal. You worked to support the owner of the corporation, and you did it well and you benefitted incidentally and made that person wealthier. In the process, you fulfilled your incidental needs too. This happened only because you had failed to set your goals which could have been much loftier. Is this your rise to the top? You could have set your goal to have run your own corporation instead you ended up supporting someone else’s goal. Therefore if you do not set your own goal early enough and work towards it, nature will make you part of someone else’s goal and not yours.

Now that some of you have sat down in a place and thought out your goals after all deliberations, there is an issue now. Just because you thought of having lunch, it does not mean that you get to eat lunch. You have to plan to find and choose the recipe and arrange to procure all the required ingredients. Now you need to spend time and put your effort and cook your meal and then eat it with all pleasure and satisfaction. After setting your goal, you have to plan on the track to get to your goal. The journey has just begun. There is a lot of work to be done. Starting to work your plan takes the biggest effort. For example, if you have picked up a goal to run a marathon in the coming year. You have to begin practicing your daily runs. That takes the maximum effort to start doing this. Once started, inertia takes you forward in your journey. On completion of a week to ten days, Practice runs become a daily habit and difficult to miss. Once the first step is taken, the journey forward keeps happening on its own.

To help you set goals there are a whole lot of APPS in the Android Play Store to be downloaded free of cost. Choose one of the apps like – GOAL PLUS. It is of mere 19 MB. Now keep up as per the instructions from the APP and move forward till you actually begin the goal journey. Once the goal is set, you have to start working on the plan early enough, almost immediately. Let me tell you why to do so in a musical manner.

On, listen to the song titled – TIME from the album –The Dark Side of the Moon of

Group called PINK FLOYD.(

It is suggested that you first listen to the song with the lyrics in front of you-


Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

You fritter and waste hours in an offhand way

Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today

And the one day you find ten years have got behind you

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking

And racing around to come behind you again

The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older

Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time

Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way

The time is gone the song is over, thought I’d something more to say


Having heard the song, you would have got two points registered in you.

  • You have to get on with the plan to get to the goal to get to the top without wasting any time. If you waste your time, you may miss the starting point/gun and miss out on your opportunity. So there you missed your chance to get to the top. Say, you set your goal to join the Armed Forces. You kept wasting your time and attention. In the due course, you miss the last date of the application. Now you would have missed the maximum age for applying. So you have now lost the race even without beginning.


  • The next point is that most people think that the life expectancy of humans is 500 years. Having missed earlier, you wait for catching up, in the process you may have become of retiring age and closer to death. What does that mean? You have failed life because you did not set your goal and work on it. You have to do goal setting at the appropriate time or else how will you get to the top? Or else, you will spend your entire life on incidental chores of arranging and paying your bills. So get going now.


The above given is the recipe of success and to get to the top. So get motivated and get along.



Listen to this song, again and again, to keep reminding you to set your goal and start to work on it.

Please ask for clarifications, if any.

In this exercise, you must only listen to your inner voice from your heart and not anyone else’s.

You may consult, by all means, remember that it is your life in the end.You are alone in this game.

Use the space of the comments for it.

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This is my analysis and for the first time in the world and unique-

If you do not set your own goal early enough and work on it, nature will put you as part of someone else’s goal and not yours primarily.






Types of Goals

Now all of us have understood that we are going someplace only if we have goals. Once the goals are in place, our efforts will bear fruits. Once goals are in place, we can start making efforts towards that direction.
Just because you thought out that your goal is to be an astronaut, you cannot become that without doing certain tasks needed to become that. You have to further make certain short term, medium term and long term goals and achieve them in stages. Our goal may be on the 50th floor. We cannot climb up directly to the 50th floor but have to climb up the floors one by one right up to the top. Climbing the stairs one by one is the best way to get right up to the top.
We have planned to make our efforts step by step. We plan our moves as per our final goal. We have to think out the route. If we do not know it. It has to be researched. We may follow a role model. We may need to take advice from elders or experts from the respective field. We have to build our focus and never lose sight of it at any cost.
We got to have a goal for our lives, or else we will become a part of someone else’s goal. Now goals are of different types. Some goals are like climbing stairs, one step is one goal. One goal after goal we can end up with our # Lifetime Goal. Now we realize that the lifetime goal is split into various # Intermediate goals. By this we can achieve seemingly big goals step by step and get to the top.
Now we must understand the different types of goals. Some goals are based on duration, as per the situation one is at that time.
#Short Term Goals
#Medium Term Goals
#Long Term Goals
These types of goals are more clearly understood on your
#Academic Goals – These may be your Semester goals – you may want to improve on certain subjects.
Semester Goals may be Short Term Goals. Medium goals may be #Graduation Goal. Long Term Goal may be your # Doctorate Goal.
After academic goals , you will have #Career Goals- May be Journalist, Scientist, Beautician etc,
During or after this, you may have #Relationship Goals.
You may decide on boy or girl friends. You may decide on Marriage. Or Divorce or just being a Bachelor.
You will have various # Asset goals-
Transportation Goals- motorcycle , car , airplane etc.
Housing goals-Bachelor pad, Multi bedroom Apartment after marriage. Villa after having children.
You will have Aspirational Goals- working as senior executive of a top company, marrying a billionaire’s beauty queen daughter, children to study in top colleges. Own big cars and houses etc.
All the above goals are the major life goals. Apart from these there are some other goals which come at various stages of life.
All the above goals are very clear ones. Apart from the above there are lot of other goals which we include on our lives at various stages based on our needs and momentary fetishes.
The various types of goals are listed below. They are very obvious and do not need any explanation-
Fitness Goals.- This may be needed for those having certain games as part of their lifetime goal.
Styling Goals.
Wellness Goals
Career Goals.
Financial Goals
Spiritual Goals.
First step Goal.
All these are related to the meaning of these words and therefore does not need any in depth explanation. Of course it holds significance if related to one’s lifetime goal.
Do await for the next chapter.

Goal Setting for Non Adults

The earlier article was on goal setting for adults. Now let us see the same thing for children. When a child is asked, “what will you become when you grow up” you may have heard-“I will become a

Locomotive driver
Fire engine driver
Nurse etc.,.”

among many items. You will most often find that these goals do not materialize. The goals of these children have been found to change as they grew up.

Anyhow, how do we assist the child to set his/her goal? Of course we have come across instances where a hungry child not knowing how to provide the next meal for himself and his younger sister and mother went on to become a business tycoon and a billionaire .

Why is it that a child exposed to his mother or father dying due to lack of money for a doctor possibly grows up to a great and charitable doctor?

Situations as this make up a great resolve in certain individuals to succeed.

Apart from such factors Parents too play a great role in some cases. A single mother worked multiple jobs to support her son’s training/coaching. This son went on to become the great Olympian swimmer.

A father did the same and the child become a great tennis player

These parents have gone through a life of great sacrifice and dedication for their children.

Surely there are very few such parents around in the world having great goals for themselves to make their children great and world class.

Similarly due to parents, some children have become criminals and cheats.

Let us not dump the entire load of the children’s failure on the parents.

Humans are thinking organisms and not programmed machines. Various exposures to certain circumstances knowingly or unknowingly can leave tremendous impressions on human mind at various stages to make strong resolve to shape certain goals for the individual.

Apart from the above written points, this incident impressed me.

I was browsing some videos on YOUTUBE.
I came across a lot of videos under keywords- [goal setting for children].

This blew me apart- when I was kid I was never exposed to anything like this. I wish that you spend some time on this yourself and do the same thing with your kids.
You could give them concepts such as long term goals, short term goals, goals of the year etc.
It was good to stumble on this. This was not prevalent during my formative years. It was not prevalent then. Please get these videos to the young kids around you.
Apart from these, everybody’s skill-sets and efforts are different . These have to be identified and encouraged and motivated for the continued pursuit of these skill-sets .

Look out for my next episode.

Single most important factor to your way to the top

Your present position is due to a combo of various reasons. It is based on your past decisions and efforts. Also, you may factor in your family background and your childhood upbringing. But definitely your future depends on your wish. You can get to where you want to be from where you are.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well”

“The poorest of all men is the one without a dream..”

“It takes as much energy to wish as it takes to plan.”

“The indispensable first step in getting the things you want in life is to decide what you want.”

Just to have a dreams does not amount to having constructed your goals. The goal is a goal only if it is well defined.

For convenience let us use an acronym- SMART .  Your goal has to be SMART.




R- Relevant/Realistic

T-Time bound

I have searched all over for recipes for success. I have heard and read from a lot of gurus of success.

Everybody had unanimously decried that your journey to the top/success does not begin without your making of your SMART goal.

Most goals are numeric with a time stamp.

I will shed 20 kgs by March 2020

I will own a five bedroomed, 5000 sq ft home in Malibu California.

The goals should be milestoning- Getting the gold medal or becoming the Star salesman of the territory.

Do not be afraid to create lofty goals . If you  had small goals  you will regret for having set small goals and not bigger ones.”You will want to set a goal big enough that in the process of achieving it you become some one worth becoming.”

Let us summarize-

The goals have to be Specific-

I will become the Team Leader by 2021.

Your goals have to be measurable.

I will lose 25 kgs weight by May 2020.

The goals have to be attainable. You cannot aspire to win a Olympic medal if you are in your thirties and not have gained enough proficiency in your chosen discipline /sport. You cannot aspire to be the leading Cardiologist of your province if you are not a student of biology or life sciences.

Your goal has to be attainable and relevant. If you are not a Salesman, how can you aspire to be the Best Salesman of your company?

Your goal has to be time bound

I will lose 25 kgs weight by May 2020.

I will own my farm 5000 sq ft farmhouse in Malibu, California by 2025.

You will not attain your goals if you have not set you SMART goals.

A specimen of a good goal would be-

I will become the Vice President – Sales of my company by 2023 .

If no goal is set, no one is going anywhere.

Can you get to any place from your airport if you have not thought and planned out the destination..

So now we have realized that we must make SMART goals to take us to the TOP.

Everybody’s TOP is different and so are the skillsets. And efforts.

With SMART goals , everyone can move towards the TOP.

SMART goals have given us focus.

All are born skilless , hence all the concerned skill needed to take us the top can be acquired.