Goal Setting for Non Adults

The earlier article was on goal setting for adults. Now let us see the same thing for children. When a child is asked, “what will you become when you grow up” you may have heard-“I will become a

Locomotive driver
Fire engine driver
Nurse etc.,.”

among many items. You will most often find that these goals do not materialize. The goals of these children have been found to change as they grew up.

Anyhow, how do we assist the child to set his/her goal? Of course we have come across instances where a hungry child not knowing how to provide the next meal for himself and his younger sister and mother went on to become a business tycoon and a billionaire .

Why is it that a child exposed to his mother or father dying due to lack of money for a doctor possibly grows up to a great and charitable doctor?

Situations as this make up a great resolve in certain individuals to succeed.

Apart from such factors Parents too play a great role in some cases. A single mother worked multiple jobs to support her son’s training/coaching. This son went on to become the great Olympian swimmer.

A father did the same and the child become a great tennis player

These parents have gone through a life of great sacrifice and dedication for their children.

Surely there are very few such parents around in the world having great goals for themselves to make their children great and world class.

Similarly due to parents, some children have become criminals and cheats.

Let us not dump the entire load of the children’s failure on the parents.

Humans are thinking organisms and not programmed machines. Various exposures to certain circumstances knowingly or unknowingly can leave tremendous impressions on human mind at various stages to make strong resolve to shape certain goals for the individual.

Apart from the above written points, this incident impressed me.

I was browsing some videos on YOUTUBE.
I came across a lot of videos under keywords- [goal setting for children].

This blew me apart- when I was kid I was never exposed to anything like this. I wish that you spend some time on this yourself and do the same thing with your kids.
You could give them concepts such as long term goals, short term goals, goals of the year etc.
It was good to stumble on this. This was not prevalent during my formative years. It was not prevalent then. Please get these videos to the young kids around you.
Apart from these, everybody’s skill-sets and efforts are different . These have to be identified and encouraged and motivated for the continued pursuit of these skill-sets .

Look out for my next episode.

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