Why job?|Set goal |How to identify your passion?

men at office
  • Why do people go for jobs?
  • Do they like their jobs?
  • How to find a job which is satisfying?
  • Set goals(SMART GOALS ).
  • How to plan to reach your goal?
  • Identify your passion? Two ways.
  • 1-Medical method.
  • 2-Logical method.

It is certain that you are in the knowledge of a lot of people in life who are working to earn a living. Also, may I ask you as to what percentage of them are happy with what they were doing? You will find that most of them do not like their jobs. Why they go to jobs and what is their passion for?

 They are doing that job for their earning which is required for their survival. The amount of money is not the subject right now. If one does a job that he likes to do, he will certainly do it better.

Also, he would have grown much beyond the present level The mental satisfaction will be more. This has its own therapeutic benefits on that human. They may be longevity and general wellness among them.

Can we know why are all these people going to do jobs? We realize that all these people are going for jobs only for economic reasons. They need the earnings from the job to support their families and pay their bills. Are they satisfied with their jobs? 

If checked, most of them will state that they do not like their jobs. They are in it only for economic reasons and also they have no job satisfaction. They are engaged in some activity just for financial support.

I believe that all will have immense satisfaction only when they engage in the activity of their choice and interest. For example, they are


Musicians, writers,

Scientists(very useful for mankind)

Sportsmen and athletes ( want to be the best) to name a few

In these fields, the satisfaction levels are very high. All of them are highly disciplined in life.

scientists at work

The feel-good factor is very high.

Set your goals-HOW?

At outset, you will realize that the goals are set and action is taken on the plan as per the goals set very early in life.

So, you can reach the top by the time you are still in your prime.

This clearly demonstrates the power of goal setting.

Now, if you are wondering what is to be done now as you may have passed the younger ages.

 The big world has a lot of space. You can get to any place you want from wherever you are right now. You can still reach the top. You just have to make a few adjustments or fine-tuning, make a plan after checking if the criteria are in line with the SMART Principles as given below-


S- Specific- Not “Will be rich man,” But” I will be a Millionnaire.”

                     Not “I will be an athlete.” But I will be a sprinter.”

M- Measurable- Goals can not be approximate. They have to be specific like this.

                    Not “I will reduce my weight” But” I will reduce by 15 kgs.”

                     Not “ I will clean the house” But “ I will clean the complete interior part of my house.”

  1. Actionable- You have to demonstrate using the metrics, the resources, and your capabilities of achieving the goal. You cannot have a goal as I will lift one tonne. You have to list out – how and what.

        R- Relevant- You have to indicate your goal is in line with the larger scheme of things you planned out.

     T- Timebound- All of us normally plan our activities of the day by the priorities of the timelined items. We go as per the due dates of the items.

         “ The Tuition Fee of the college ( 1500) has to paid by 25th of Jan 2020. We plan and keep the resource ready by then.

          “ I will reduce my weight by 15 kgs to weigh 75 kgs by 1st May 2020.” Hence we plan our diet and activities accordingly. In addition, we also keep track of undertaking periodical reviews to monitor the progress towards up to the end.

           “ I will mobilize all resources needed for building a 5 roomed sea-facing villa within five years ending. 2025. I already have the money needed.”

As the timeline is agreed upon and committed, we have to plan and, manage our activities accordingly.

We can reach any place you desire from wherever we are we are placed right now. But with exclusions and inclusions based on SMART principles.

How to plan

You may have to manage some resources. You may have to manage your time to set aside time for your new-found interest.

Now our PLAN has become important as per the SMART Goal. It is not enough to just plan. We have to work on the plan.

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.”- Jim Rohn.

Work on the goals per the timelines conceived.

How to work on the plan

Whatever you have planned, you have to work as per the plan. Your life depends on this vital aspect.

We may have to work harder in certain areas. This essential to be on the track to our goals.

Let us not forget that we have to ensure that we put appropriate effort into the activities leading us to the achievement of our important goal. The activities will not culminate in achieving the goals. We will miss the bus if we compromise. Hence we must put all our effort and concentration on working the plan till the end.

Now that we have the goal set, we have to take action based on the plan. At times we may feel that the goal may appear daunting. At this stage split the big goal into smaller goals and then achieve them one by one. This is the best way to achieve the main big goal. All we have to do now is to keep achieving these smaller goals which are apparently easier.

His way your plan to achieve your goal has become achievable. You only have to make a list of the

sub-goals and manage the resources needed to work on those.

Identify your passion

Have you found and identified your passion? You have to find your passion now if you have not yet

Identified your passion now. Ask yourself- what am I good at? What do you score more marks on?

What activity gives you pleasure? You like to engage in it. It makes you feel good. It could be an extra curriculum activity. Like sports, arts, music, dance, drama, acting, debating, athletics,

team games. Some are physical, some are mental activities. What are you enthusiastic about?

It is so very for you to be said by someone to tell you- just identify your passion and go ahead. This

It is not an easy task. Most individuals are unable to find their passion until it is too late to make an

Impact on the world. In fact, I found my passion after working on a job for several years. I was working just to care for my family. I have been studying how to identify one’s passion for quite some time.

#1.- Medical research-  There is a substance called Dopamine produced in the body. When this is present in the body, one feels pleasure. This is generated when one engages in certain activities. Some of these are Dopamine consuming activities such as watching TV series, movies, drinking alcohol, and sex to name a few including smoking. Some activities are Dopamine producing such as art, music, sports to name a few. Other Dopamine producing activities include profit generation and helping employees to care for their families while being eco-friendly.

The activities which are Dopamine consuming are bordering on addiction. Avoid such activities. These are not good for the world at large. You look ahead and choose Dopamine producing activity and pursue that as your passion. Only Dopamine producing activity is sustainable for life. Just make a list of ten activities that are pleasurable to you, makes you feel good. Be honest with yourself. Try out the first item if it feels good. Or else move to the next one on the list after giving it a fair chance.

This way once you find your passion, just go full swing with that activity. It is OK to give several attempts to find your passion.

This is one of the methods to find your passion.

uncovering passion

Another method is given below.

#2-Quadrant Method:

WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT                                     D
I                                   WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT                                       WHAT YOU DON’T LOVE
NOT GOOD AT                                                        C
 S                                         DON’T LOVE                                            NOT GOOD AT

There are four quadrants D and C on the left and I and S on the right side.

You will be able to place the concerned activities on the quadrants as per the labels.  

Activities which you can place on Quad D is your Passion.

Activities which you can place on Quad I is for paying your bills. This the JOB where most people are stuck.

Activities under Quad C is your potential which can be developed by effort or upskilling.

Activities under Quad S are mostly supportive tasks involving cleaning, washing, maintenance, and other daily tasks to name a few. This is the general trend, it is the passion of few people to like and engage in these activities as well.

You can develop your own lists and classify the activities.

Now with the above methods described and your lists prepared you may have been able to narrow down on your passion.

The identified passion must be cultivated and nurtured. You must aim to excel in your passionate activity. You can definitely make a meaningful and profitable living out your new-found passion, which is identified by you.