To reset means –adjust or fix in a new way.

Once in a while, we have to reset our lives too. Let us learn it now

By doing a reset of our life, we can feel the following and more-

 *Open yourself to new light.

*You get exposed to new colors.

*Look forward to new things in life.

*Start a new project.

*Reward yourself.

*Get energized.

*Get focused.

*Get to the top faster.

*Get tuned to the Pandemic’s “New Normal”.          

Now we are going to do the steps to start the reset process. The best time to have done a reset in our life was a few years ago. The next best time is now. This begins with looking back at the years which went by.

We have come past the previous year. This can also be treated as an audit of the previous year. Let us now review/audit the year we allowed to pass. What have we learned from the previous year? We have allowed many years to go by depending on our ages. If this is done at the end of the year, it can be called the end of the year audit.

When to do the RESET?

Whenever we are faced with a situation of accommodating a new task, we tend to put it off to next week, next month, next birthday, next financial year. We tend to wait for a landmark occasion to make the reset. We can have 2022 as the reset year. The earlier, the better it is. 2022 is the best year for the reset as most of us have to tune ourselves to the new normal of the pandemic.

All of us had thought and planned to perform a list of certain tasks. The list may have been written just thought out. Of the tasks on the list, some of them remain incomplete. Surprisingly some of them were not even attempted. Are we making any issues about it? Where will this lead us in the next year?

We may not know the consequences of not completing the tasks now, but we will realize it with the consequence caused only a little later, when it starts applying pressure on us. It could be a pending debt to be paid off with interest getting added up or a missed health checkup which is increasing healthcare bills as preventive care was not taken.

We may have rejoiced on completing certain tasks. How did we manage to complete these tasks? Were they easy? It may or may not have been easy. We may have set the right goals and planned with timely action and perfect execution.

Most of us keep moving this way, setting fewer goals and just reacting to situations in life rather than being proactive from the goal-setting stage to the execution stage. This is playing small. With this, we are going to land up with any major achievements in our lives. We will have to shift to upper gears.

Let us now move forward by reviewing the previous years. In the present age, most old thoughts and practices get outdated at a very high speed. Every year, a new version of almost every item is rolled out. This is due to changing technologies and needs. Your flexibility along with speed is the need of the hour. Lately, the pandemic has its share too. We have to learn and familiarize ourselves to keep the pace of modifications with it. 

All of us had certain visions and goals formulated since our childhood, be it written or just thought out. Some goals just sprang up as we grew and came ahead in life to where we are now. As we are on the reset mode, we need to have to start writing now.

Not to worry. You are not alone in this. There are lots of people who need to undergo this. Most people go with their lives without doing this periodic reset. This is similar to driving your vehicle without regular servicing. It is wrong to assume that we can get by to postpone the servicing until the appearance of some trouble. Trouble will occur at an inconvenient time and will waste our time. That is not the right way.

How to do the RESET?

The fact is that we save time in moving forward by avoiding loss of time and inconveniences caused due to sudden breakdowns at unexpected locations by making this reset and getting our vehicles serviced at regular intervals.

All our goals have to be written-

*Long-term goals

*Medium-term goals

*Short-term goals

*Yearly goals

*Monthly goals

*Getting tuned to the Pandemic’s New Normal

All our goals may be pooled into the above types.

If we have any difficulty with our chosen goals, we are free to modify our goals.

As life proceeds, we may come across needs to make such changes in directions and priorities. Accordingly, we have to change courses and shift gears.

Now we also have to keep in view the current scenario. You may also feel that this pandemic has changed/upset your otherwise normal way of living. Now the greatest quality to be cultivated is FLEXIBILITY. The world over changes are happening in all walks of life and businesses. The changes are rapid and unpredictable. Rapid action has to be taken according to the factors relevant to you.

Every business has taken some measures to tackle the negative circumstances created by the pandemic. The businesses which have not changed their practices are feeling the heat of the pandemic. We have to learn to adapt to the new-normal creatively.

One more thing to be considered by everyone is- Not to keep all your eggs in one basket. One should have multiple and diverse streams of income. In these times the other one is of definite help.

One just needs to observe their surroundings/spaces/competitors to find the changes adopted. We need not copy the practices but improvise practices to suit your specific circumstances.

In addition, just as most products come with an expiry/validity date (after which they become invalid or harmful if used) all activities/tasks have to be done by a certain time as per your goals and plan. If not done sooner or later, our schedule to move forward will be hampered in many ways. If a certain application is not submitted by the last date of submission, we may get disqualified from appearing for the examination.

Fill in the calendar

Let us get back to the list (of goals) we were creating. We need to fit the list into the current year’s calendar. Let’s start.

Start the list we were creating with the pending tasks of the previous year. Fill out the activities of the current year to fulfill your goals of different categories. They have to be in tune with the changed situations of the current year. Now we have to merge the entries in the list to the dates of the calendar. On careful examination, we will find bundles of simple and complicate tasks to be done to take our lives forward and to the top. All these activities need careful planning and execution. If not carried as per schedule, it throws out of gear our other activities too.

Assume that we have to pay our child’s tuition fee by a certain date. This should ideally be paid well before the last date when it is important and not urgent. We should not take it to the penultimate day when this same activity becomes important and urgent. We will be forced to replace some other jobs to accommodate this fee activity, thereby accumulating a backlog of some other jobs. Such jobs should be planned out in advance and executed as per the plan. These cannot be changed or postponed.

While making our list we must take into consideration the available resources too for that particular job. If it is not provided for, we have to ensure the creation of that resource by the target date. All the tasks on the list are now against a date. Also, they are with the exact particulars of the task with the specific units of currency, weight, etc.

These units are a carryover from the fact that the goals must be SMART( to know more about SMART goals – go to- The understanding of smart goals has made our focus better. Considering our resources, planning for the entire year is done. With this our planned calendar is complete.

During this process, we feel charged up and happier as we have just strengthened our foundation and gotten closer to our goals. This process increases the possibility of completing the tasks as scheduled.

Ensure that the current date is the start of the calendar. This has to be the starting point for the entire exercise. While all this action is happening, we have to have our eyes on the metrics ( recall that various parameters of the goal were made numerical to make them part of SMART goals) to ensure required performance. This is necessary to take any remedial/correctional steps if needed due to rapidly changing conditions.

Now we have started the RESET as per the freshly designed calendar. Surely we are more in control of our life now. We just have to keep going as per the drawn-out schedule.

The designed calendar must be always visible to us and ingrained in our brains. If possible, this can be printed and placed in a very visible place to us at home. This is to constantly remind us of our direction.

Weekly review/planning

We are now moving forward as per our calendar. We must have a weekly review of our activities vs the designed calendar. Course correction has to be done if needed. This should be done every week. The weekend is the best time to reflect on this part of the RESET.

Accountability partner

This gets us back on track if we flounder. It is better if we find ourselves an accountability partner. We may be able to confide our life plans with some like-minded close individuals. If they are also on a similar journey, we could share our calendars too. When we share our planned schedule with another person, this becomes our key driver for prompt action. We tend to be on our toes as we are likely to be pointed out for not being on schedule.

Now, are we going as where we planned to go? Going to the top. Why not? We will.

Leave your comments and other methods we can follow.

It is suggested that this RESET is done every year.

Which part of the year? That is left to the readers.