Types of Goals


Now all of us have understood that we are going someplace only if we have goals. Once the goals are in place, our efforts will bear fruits. Once goals are in place, we can start making efforts towards that direction.
Just because you thought out that your goal is to be an astronaut, you cannot become that without doing certain tasks needed to become that. You have to further make certain short term, medium term and long term goals and achieve them in stages. Our goal may be on the 50th floor. We cannot climb up directly to the 50th floor but have to climb up the floors one by one right up to the top. Climbing the stairs one by one is the best way to get right up to the top.
We have planned to make our efforts step by step. We plan our moves as per our final goal. We have to think out the route. If we do not know it. It has to be researched. We may follow a role model. We may need to take advice from elders or experts from the respective field. We have to build our focus and never lose sight of it at any cost.
We got to have a goal for our lives, or else we will become a part of someone else’s goal. Now goals are of different types. Some goals are like climbing stairs, one step is one goal. One goal after goal we can end up with our # Lifetime Goal. Now we realize that the lifetime goal is split into various # Intermediate goals. By this we can achieve seemingly big goals step by step and get to the top.
Now we must understand the different types of goals. Some goals are based on duration, as per the situation one is at that time.
#Short Term Goals
#Medium Term Goals
#Long Term Goals
These types of goals are more clearly understood on your
#Academic Goals – These may be your Semester goals – you may want to improve on certain subjects.
Semester Goals may be Short Term Goals. Medium goals may be #Graduation Goal. Long Term Goal may be your # Doctorate Goal.
After academic goals , you will have #Career Goals- May be Journalist, Scientist, Beautician etc,
During or after this, you may have #Relationship Goals.
You may decide on boy or girl friends. You may decide on Marriage. Or Divorce or just being a Bachelor.
You will have various # Asset goals-
Transportation Goals- motorcycle , car , airplane etc.
Housing goals-Bachelor pad, Multi bedroom Apartment after marriage. Villa after having children.
You will have Aspirational Goals- working as senior executive of a top company, marrying a billionaire’s beauty queen daughter, children to study in top colleges. Own big cars and houses etc.
All the above goals are the major life goals. Apart from these there are some other goals which come at various stages of life.
All the above goals are very clear ones. Apart from the above there are lot of other goals which we include on our lives at various stages based on our needs and momentary fetishes.
The various types of goals are listed below. They are very obvious and do not need any explanation-
Fitness Goals.- This may be needed for those having certain games as part of their lifetime goal.
Styling Goals.
Wellness Goals
Career Goals.
Financial Goals
Spiritual Goals.
First step Goal.
All these are related to the meaning of these words and therefore does not need any in depth explanation. Of course it holds significance if related to one’s lifetime goal.
Do await for the next chapter.

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